Industrial Hemp

In Colorado, marijuana and hemp are treated differently. Hemp and marijuana come from the same type of plant, but hemp has very, very low levels of THC. In Colorado, it is illegal to make or sell THC products that have been manufactured from hemp.


Health Effects

Not enough is known about the health effects of using THC products made out of hemp. These include things like delta 8 vape cartridges, and delta 8 candy. While marijuana products are regulated by Colorado’s Marijuana Enforcement Division, these THC products made of hemp are not regulated, and they could have chemicals that may harm your health.  


Resources for Those in the Industry

The Colorado Department of Agriculture is responsible for making sure hemp growing rules are followed. The state health department is responsible for making sure that hemp products are safe. For more information about food, supplement, and cosmetic products containing hemp, visit here.


Resource List

Industrial Hemp General Information (Colorado Department of Agriculture website)

Industrial Hemp Rules (PDF)

Pesticide Use in Cannabis (Colorado Department of Agriculture website)

Marijuana Enforcement Division Compliance Tips (Colorado Department of Revenue website)