Laws and youth

  • It’s illegal for anyone under age 21 to buy, possess or use retail marijuana.
    • Retail stores can lose their license for selling marijuana to anyone underage, and adults may be charged with a felony for giving marijuana products to someone underage. 

  • It’s illegal to have retail marijuana on school property.

    • Students caught with marijuana at school may have to take drug counseling, be kicked off sports teams, or be suspended, expelled or charged with breaking the law.

    • Adults may face civil or criminal penalties.

    • The laws are different for medical marijuana.

  • Youth caught trying to buy, carry, sell or use marijuana can face a minor-in-possession charge.

    • This can result in fines, public service, education and intervention, loss of a driver’s license, and misdemeanor or felony charges.

  • People under age 21 can face charges that have a lasting impact.

    • Since marijuana is federally illegal, youth with marijuana charges may be denied financial aid to help pay for college. 

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