Smoking and secondhand smoke

When using marijuana in your home, keep in mind that secondhand smoke, whether from tobacco or marijuana, can be dangerous. Make your home smoke-free to keep your loved ones healthy. 


Daily or near-daily marijuana smoking is strongly associated with chronic bronchitis, including chronic cough, phlegm0 production and wheezing. Marijuana smoke, both firsthand and secondhand, contains many of the same cancer-causing chemicals as tobacco smoke.


Vaporizers or vape pens heat marijuana to release its active ingredients, like THC. They do not burn the plant. There has not been enough research to know if using a vaporizer is safer than smoking. A recent EVALI outbreak indicates breathing and lung issues are associated with vaping.

Secondhand smoke

Secondhand smoke from marijuana has many of the same cancer-causing chemicals as smoke from tobacco.
  • Protect your children and family from the effects of secondhand smoke. Don’t allow anyone to smoke in your home as smoking marijuana deposits harmful chemicals into the air that have been associated with adverse health effects. 
  • It’s illegal to use any form of marijuana in a motor vehicle. Keeping your car smoke-free will keep you in compliance with the law and also protect your family and friends from the toxic effects of marijuana smoke.
  • Visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's Secondhand Marijuana Smoke page for more information.